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Engagement Shoot, is it for me?


Your engagement shoot should say "we're in love and excited about our wedding", so when I show sneak peeks on my Facebook page for you to see, it's not only meant to tease you, but also your guests. The engagement shoot helps you understand the way I shoot, see how relaxed the process is, and gauge from seeing professional photographs how awesome you really look, so you're more relaxed on the big day!

My style of photography is creative, so think carefully about your location: we can make your shoot unique to you and achieve that ‘wow’ factor. The more epic the locations and creative surroundings there are, the more ‘wow’ the photos.

Your engagement photos could be the most creative you'll receive. We have so much time, as we're not restricted like on a wedding day, and you can set a theme or style: we really can go anywhere and do anything. If you both love a theme park, let's do it there! If you love a park near your home and it just happens to be the place you got engaged, that’s a fantastic location: it tells your story and is probably a great location for photography. And the normal reaction is, "Wow! Your engagement photos look fantastic! We can't wait for your wedding and to see you wedding photos...".

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