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Frequently asked questions

How long will you stay at our wedding?
Thats up to you! We are happy to attend the bride's house beforehand, and stay through to just before the meal. This includes speeches if they are before the meal. We can stay for the 1st dance for a small fee. 

Who attends our wedding?
Burton attends all weddings in person. 

Are there any hidden costs?
The prices quoted are fully inclusive. There are no hidden extra's. 

Do you charge for travel?
Travel is included when the destination is within a 1.5hour radius of Strabane. That covers most of N.Ireland - including the Greater Belfast area, The North Coast and Derry. For destinations further afield, but no more than 2.5hrs away we charge GBP50. We can quote you for destinations outside that. 

Do we get the photos digitally?
We include a USB stick with every package. This contains the high resolution files allowing you to do your own reprints, email them or put them on facebook! 

What happens if you are sick on the day?
It has never happened, but Burton has a network of photographers who he can call upon if need be.  

What equipment do you use?
Burton uses several cameras including a Nikon D750 and a Nikon D7100. 

Are your prices guaranteed? 

For bookings made now, we guarantee our prices for 2017-18. For 2019, we promise our prices won't go up more than 10% 

How long do you need for Photos?
We try to be as quick as possible - normally 1hr at the location is sufficient but we recommend allowing 1.5hrs incase of rain showers. 

Have you been to our hotel?
Burton has been to the majority of hotels in N.Ireland. If he hasn't been at your chosen venue, he will attend beforehand to 'get a feel'. 

Do you have terms & conditions?
Yes! They are available on request and are some of the most generous in the industry.

Do you cover Donegal?
Yes and we love it! 


Do you enjoy what you do?Absolutely! Photography is our passion - and we hope that comes across in our work. 


How long before we get our photos?We aim to have them ready for you shortly after you get back from honeymoon - typically 5 weeks. We guarantee you will never wait more than 6 weeks. 

How much is the deposit?
A £200 deposit is required to secure the booking - although we can be flexible . We usually do 80% before the wedding, the remainder when you get the album. Other payment options are available on request. 


Do you do engagement photographs?
Yes! We'll be happy to do your engagement photograph free of charge. You can the purchase anything you want from the shoot. We keep our engagement sessions fun, casual and relaxed. 

Can you provide framed enlargements?
Yes. We can provide a range of post-wedding accessories including canvas prints, framed enlargements and parent books. Prices available on request. 

Whats your most important attribute?
The most important thing is to be able to put people at ease. Relaxed photographs look much better! 

What is your style?
Burton has a unique style - check out the showcase. He takes a range of informal and semi-posed photographs. No matter which, he aims to give the photographs a relaxed look. As a product design he is used listening to clients needs and suiting to them. 

Can you tailor your packages & prices?
Absolutely. We are confident that we can meet most budgets starting at £999. If another photographer is offering you something we aren't, make sure and ask as most things are possible. 

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept cheques (made payable to Burton Taylor), cash and Back tranfer, and of course PAYPAL.

Can we request specific photographs?
Of course! About a month before the big day, we'll do a pre-wedding consultation. Burton will provide a list of photographs he normally takes - and you can modify it as you desire. 




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